Electrochemistry Conferences

22-24 Feb 2023
Valencia 🇪🇸
Solar2Chem Winter School
Our motivation is driven by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of looking for alternative energy sources, reducing chemical waste and access to life-saving molecules. Sunlight is the most abundant renewable energy resource and is considered one of the best solutions to address the global energy problem. However, a lot of effort is required to provide global solar energy infrastructures that strongly depend on the regional photovoltaic power potential, capture/ conversion and storage. The major challenge is then to develop an efficient and cost-effective approach for storing solar energy that can be used on demand on a global scale.
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22-24 Apr 2023
Shanghai 🇨🇳
Micro nano Technology and Medical Health Innovation Conference
习总书记强调,“人类同疾病较量最有力的武器就是科学技术,人类战胜大灾大疫离不开科学发展和技术创新”。随着现代分子生物学的快速发展,人类对引发传染病的各种病毒结构和属性有了更加深入系统的认识,抗生素、疫苗、电子显微镜、基因测序技术等现代科学新知识和新技术的不断涌现,为鉴定病毒、研发药物、制备疫苗提供了重要的科研和治疗基础。近些年来,世界各国在抗击SARS(严重急性呼吸综合征)、MERS(中东呼吸综合征)、SARS-CoV-2(2019新型冠状病毒)等重大传染病中,科学技术都发挥了不可或缺的重要作用。历史和实践都充分证明,只有依靠科学技术,人类才能从根本上找到战胜疫病,保持健康的有效途径和解决方案。 中国微米纳米技术学会将以“科技利器,抗疫创新”为主题,于2023年4月在上海举办微纳米技术与医疗健康创新大会(2023)暨中国微米纳米技术学会第六届微米纳米技术应用创新大会。会议将围绕微纳米机器人在医学上的应用;微纳创新诊疗方法;微纳生物医学传感与检测技术;纳米分子医学成像;纳米生物材料;微纳生物医疗器械设计与制造;创新纳米药物;药物递送系统;公共卫生与生物安全;纳米肿瘤学等热门话题展开交流。总结两年来微纳米技术在抗击新冠疫情方面取得的科研成果,搭建微纳米技术与医疗健康应用发展和分享平台,推动医疗健康发展,创造人民美好生活的未来。
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8-21 May 2023
Online 🇨🇭
3rd International Electronic Conference on Biosensors
The aim of this online conference is to gather worldwide well-known experts currently working in biosensors and to provide an online forum for sharing and exchanging knowledge. Particular attention will be given to young scientists approaching the world of biosensors, with a conference session dedicated specifically to this demographic. Throughout the event we aim to cover—among others—the following topics: 1. Artificial intelligence in biosensors; 2. Ingestible, implantable and wearable biosensors; 3. Smartphone-based biosensors; 4. The evolution of biological recognition elements in biosensors; 5. Microfabrication and printing techniques in biosensors; 6. Nanomaterials and smart surfaces in biosensors; 7. Technological advancements in biosensor actuators.
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22-25 May 2023
Dalian World Expo Plaza, Liaoning Province 🇨🇳
21st National Electrochemistry Conference
由中国化学会电化学专业委员会主办,大连理工大学承办的第二十一次全国电化学大会将于2022年12月8-11日在辽宁大连世博广场举行,本届大会主题是“电化学助力碳中和,推动高质量发展”。 全国电化学大会是国内规模最大、最具影响力的电化学交流平台,每两年举办一次。本届大会将围绕电化学科学和技术发展中的基础、应用和前沿问题,全面展示中国电化学领域在新时代所取得的最新研究进展和成果,深入探讨电化学领域所面临的机遇、挑战和未来发展方向,推动中国电化学学科的发展和进步,加强科研合作和技术转化,促进电化学科学与技术在能源、环境、材料等重要领域的应用,实现社会的可持续发展。 本次大会,邀请了国内外著名专家学者、两院院士、科技精英、产业领军人物等出席大会。本次大会设立了包括基础理论与方法、纳米材料电化学、锂离子电池、钠离子电池、锂硫电池、固态电池、燃料电池、液流电池、金属空气电池、超级电容器、电催化、电分析与生物电化学、太阳能及光电化学、有机及工业电化学等二十余个主题和青年科学家论坛,采取大会报告、分会主题报告、分会邀请报告、分会口头报告和墙报展示等交流模式。会议期间还安排了电化学培训讲座和电化学仪器、产品展,传递行业最新动态和发展趋势。 让我们在粉妆玉砌的12月相聚大连、共襄盛举。
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8-9 Jun 2023
Jinan City, Shandong Province 🇨🇳
The First Biosensing Symposium of the Chinese Chemical Society
Discussions on DNA chips and nucleic acid sensors, immune sensors, enzyme sensors, cell sensors, receptor sensors, nanosensors and analysis systems, single-cell analysis, bioelectronics and biofuel cells, commercial applications of biosensors, etc. To provide a scientific and technological cooperation and exchange platform with international cutting-edge science and technology and interdisciplinary features.
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2-7 Jul 2023
Beijing 🇨🇳
12th International Symposium on Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
Now it was stated that 12th International Symposium on Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS2023) will be held by Beijing University of Chemical Technology and Tsinghua University in Beijing from July 2-7, 2023.This international symposium is held every three years. Since the first international symposium on electrochemical impedance spectroscopy was held in France in 1989, this symposium was held in Europe, North America, South America and Japan. It is the first time that?EIS2023?will be held in China. This symposium has evolved into one of the leading events in electrochemical impedance spectroscopy providing a unique opportunity to gather experts of different fields around this powerful technique. EIS2023?will mainly focus on EIS fundamentals, technologies and instruments, and its applications in corrosion, electrochemical energy conversion & storage, electrochemical reaction, analysis, and sensors. During EIS2023, there will be the oral and poster contributions, electrochemical instruments & technologies exhibition and short course showcasing the diverse aspects of the various fields of EIS applications.
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27-30 Aug 2023
Bussels 🇧🇪
4th European BioSensor Symposium 2023
The European BioSensor Symposium should bring together young and experienced scientists to discuss new insights in all aspects of biosensor research and related areas, to push forward cutting-edge ideas and interesting approaches, and to stimulate the scientific exchange between all groups and countries. Young researchers at the beginning of their career are invited to present their most recent results, while seniors give introductions on special advanced aspects of biosensors, technology and upcoming trends. An industry exhibition with selected companies rounds off the comprehensive picture of the state of biosensor research, development and applications in Europe.
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27 Aug - 31 Jan 2023
Brussels 🇧🇪
The European Corrosion Congress – EuroCorr
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3-8 Sep 2023
Lyon 🇫🇷
Annual Meeting of the ISE
You are warmly invited to the 74th Annual ISE Meeting in Lyon, France from 3 to 8 September 2023. The meeting will be held at the Convention Centre, within the exceptional environment of the “cité internationale” designed by Renzo Piano, which is located near the city center, in a privileged setting at the edge of the River Rhône and of the “parc de la tête d’or”, the largest urban park in France including a lake, a free zoo, greenhouses, many sport facilities and a minitrain.
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16-30 Sep 2023
Online 🇨🇭
2nd International Electronic Conference on Chemical Sensors and Analytical Chemistry
Part of the International Electronic Conference on Chemical Sensors series
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20-22 Sep 2023
Vila Real 🇵🇹
Molecules 4Life
The Chemistry Research Centre-Vila Real (CQ-VR, Portugal), under the auspices of Sociedade Portuguesa de Química, cordially invites you to participate in the first biennial international meeting Molecules4Life. Molecules4Life will be held from 20 to 22 September 2023 at the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro, at Vila Real, in the Douro region, homeland of the world famous Port Wine. The first edition will be devoted to the interplay between new molecules, new molecular assemblies and Health Sciences, expecting to join participants from the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacy, bioengineering, biomedical sciences, and other related areas, from both academy and industry. The meeting is organized around four main topics: • Molecules4…Drug Delivery • Molecules4…Healthy Food • Molecules4…Sensing and Diagnostic • Molecules4…Therapeutics The blending of different approaches around the topic of Health Sciences is intended to promote interdisciplinarity, networking among young and senior researchers of different backgrounds and the outset/rise of new solutions. We are sure that Molecules4Life will provide an excellent opportunity to share experiences, knowledge and innovative ideas in a unique atmosphere where science combines with social and culture events. Come and join us in Vila Real!
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