Food & Drugs

Measuring food & drugs quality and food & drugs safety has many different aspects. As food or drugs producer, processor or (re)seller you need to guarantee a minimum quality and you need to guarantee the absence of certain compounds like pesticides or allergens. Electrochemistry can play an important role in this.

Food & drugs quality

At the moment good food is thrown away simply because it surpassed a certain date, not by checking the actual quality of the products. Quality checks for medicines are crucial to keep people healthy. With smart sensors the quality and status of food or drugs can be determined instantly, repeatedly and at low cost.

One of our customers has developed a sensor to measure sugar contents in a specific agricultural product stored in bulk, this sensor is combined with our customized EmStat Go and now delivered to end users all over the world as food monitoring package. The end user is able to monitor his food storage process on a daily basis and make informed decisions on the measured data, reducing waste and increasing profit.


PalmSens BV is OEM supplier for many different companies that successfully developed a biosensor which is utilized to measure specific compounds in food. The tailored EmStat Go is currently being used by many non-electrochemists that are not aware that they are actually using electrochemistry to determine the concentration in their solution. PalmSens BV can deliver a custom hardware and software solution for a broad range of sensor applications.

Modules and Readers for your application

Nic Boileau, CEO of Ekidna:

Thanks to the PalmSens potentiostat modules, we could focus entirely on the electrochemical research and product design, and didn’t have to worry about designing a potentiostat from the ground up.” 

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Food Monitoring

If you are interested to develop your own tailored device for food monitoring, please do not hesitate to contact us. All OEM customers get full support from our development team. We can also help with the development of a carrier board or even develop a full custom design based on EmStat technology. We can handle small and large volume production. At PalmSens BV we have all disciplines in-house that you need for the development of your (custom) device.

Don’t forget to have a look at our Market-Ready Solutions. We can tailor the EmStat Go in a very short amount of time.

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